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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Womanly Wedding Gowns For Mature Brides-to-be

Recently, 55-year old Shannon Tweed finally wed her long-time love, Gene Simmons (of the rock band, Kiss). The wedding, which was televised on Shannon and Gene’s popular reality TV show, Family Jewels, featured a lavish night-time ceremony, which was attended by a host of glittering celebs.

 At her wedding, Shannon (shown above) chose to highlight her more mature beauty with a feminine, off-the-shoulder wedding dress – one that still showed plenty of discreet cleavage!
Brides-to-be come in all shapes and sizes, and they also come in all ages.
If you’re a little older than the typical blushing bride, you may want a more womanly wedding gown that shows off your curves – without letting it all hang out. Finding an appropriate bridal dress that still makes you feel romantic and special will be easier once you know what to look for.
In general, white wedding dresses for more mature brides-to-be will feature lots of supportive design elements, and they may offer a little more coverage than wedding gowns designed mostly for younger women.
However, as Shannon Tweed proved, you need not sacrifice glamor or the “wow factor” to get the grown-up look you really want!
The idea that older women can’t be sexy and stylish is an outdated concept – after all, beauties in their forties, fifties and sixties (Helen Mirren being a shining example) are in better shape than ever before, and they deserve wedding dresses that do justice to their confidence, wisdom, and regal bearing…
Here are some ideal choices for more mature brides-to-be:
An Elegant Neckline and Tons of Drama…
wedding gown
The pretty and elegant neckline on this show-stopping gown is quite similar to Shannon Tweed’s own wedding design. The womanly draped bodice of this spectacular frock is the perfect complement to a mature figure. Below the waist, at mid-thigh level, a profusion of airy ruffles offer all of the fairytale magic you secretly crave.
As you can see, this white wedding dress offers the best of both worlds to more mature brides-to-be. For an appealing silhouette, wear supportive undergarments, such as a long-line shaper that adds sleekness to the waist, hips and thighs - this piece will hold you in place and streamline your figure.
Spanx make lots of great body-wear for special occasions. Of course, you can always choose a few spicier articles of lingerie to change into on your wedding night.
For this look, hair should be whatever you’re comfortable with – Shannon Tweed wore her blond tresses in loose, romantic curls, and she opted for a long veil. Anything goes on your wedding day – just choose a look that makes you feel most comfortable with yourself.
Makeup should be understated and feminine – rosy mauve or soft berry lips will always flatter mature women.  Dark lipstick makes the lips look thinner – however, for some women, this look still works best.
In general, look at your everyday makeup and stay pretty close to what you normally wear. By now, you’ve learned what is right for your features and coloring. However, you should always avoid glittery or shiny makeup that is filled with shimmer – this type of makeup settles in fine lines and exaggerates their appearance.
Pure Old Hollywood Glamour…
bridal dress
Lush, satiny softness and a deep-V neckline will offer more mature brides-to-be a little taste of classic Old Hollywood glamour. The screen sirens of yesteryear knew how to work it, whether they were young or old. These screen sirens, such as Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall, balanced dramatic penciled brows, strong lips, and elegantly powdered faces with luxurious full-length evening dresses that hugged their curves without being too tight.
The lovely bridal dress shown above is a traditional choice for any mature bride-to-be – it’s beautiful, sweeping hemline will make all your movements into pure poetry…
A professional blowout, followed by a few large hot rollers , can give you soft, groomed waves that recall Hollywood’s Golden Age – this look is probably better without a veil. Be sure to wear a classic lip color, such as plum-brown, reddish-brown, or dark pinkish-brown. A little brown in a lip color adds elegance – it tones things down for a refined look.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern-day “Glass Slippers” For Your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for a modern-day “glass slipper” to wear as you walk down the aisle, you’ll need a delicate high heel that is embellished with glittering crystals. The perfect fairytale wedding requires plenty of attention to detail, so you should plan to spend a little time choosing the right footwear for your white wedding dress.
The best wedding shoes will be unforgettable – this is not the time for sensible shoes! However, since you will need to be on your feet for hours, comfort should always factor in. Ultimately, glamour is probably most important, so do be sure to indulge yourself with a fashionable “glass slipper” style design that will evoke all of the romance of Disney’s exquisite animated film, Cinderella.
To help you choose what’s best for your special day, we’ve put together some stunning, shimmering designs that will make you feel like a princess…
Sparkly Choices For A Fairytale Effect
wedding shoes
Icy faux diamonds evoke the lustre of a true glass slipper, and they are very affordable. This feminine sandal is adorned with lush rows of intertwined rhinestones that catch the light; these high heels are designed to show off a professional pedicure to its best advantage.
If you’re planning to perform the “garter” ritual in front of your wedding party, you’ll be proud to show off your sparkling sandals while your new husband removes your silk or lace accessory!
These sandals should always be worn with bare legs (no stockings, please) – this style of wedding shoe also requires moisturized and perfectly waxed (or shaved) legs for the ideal effect. Be sure to choose a fun shade of toenail polish for your wedding day – ballet pink is a favorite with brides-to-be, but any color can work!
Our shimmering sandals are so pretty, you’ll be sure to treasure them after your wedding is over…
Ankle Straps Are Sexy And Flirty…
 wedding sandal
 Ankle straps add a sexy, flirty edge to your wedding outfit – without spoiling the fairytale fantasy. Highlight the lovely lines of your foot and lower leg with shimmering rows of clear gemstones!
Ankle strap sandals also offer a little more security as you walk down the aisle – since these types of high heels are fastened in place, they will minimize the possibility of tripping, or suffering from some other wedding-day “wardrobe malfunction” – you will have less chance of slipping out of this sandal than you would with a mule or slip-on pump…
Princess-Style Bridal Gowns Will Complete The Look
 wedding dress
Best For Bride specializes in helping brides-to-be to make their fairytale dreams come true. To get the whole Cinderella look, choose a gown with a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt. The one-shouldered bridal dress shown above is festooned with gorgeous, silken blossoms and layers and layers of filmy tulle!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mermaid-Inspired Beauty For Your Wedding Day

A mermaid-style, or fishtail wedding gown fits closely all along the torso and legs (to the knee or just above), and then erupts into a frothy profusion of lace, tulle, or taffeta that brings to mind a mermaid’s shimmering tail.
These sorts of gowns are carefully designed to highlight the lovely curves of a woman’s body, and they are often the perfect complement to an hourglass silhouette.
Dramatic and romantic, mermaid-inspired wedding looks are a perfect choice for women who enjoy a touch of fantasy and magic…the best mermaid-style gowns will tend to feature embellishments and appliqu├ęs that show off the lines of these perfect wedding dresses.
Hair and Makeup Tips
wedding dress
Certain makeup and hairstyles will naturally suit a fishtail wedding dress…which direction to go in should depend on how simple or ornate your fishtail gown is. For example, if the dress is sparkly or embroidered (as the gown shown above is), a more formal up-do or half-up/half-down style will work well. Makeup should be dramatic, with strong eyes and lips, or a softer palette that still has lots of shimmer and shine.
For simpler mermaid-inspired evening dresses and wedding gowns, long-rippling waves or loose, unstructured braids will look lovely. Simple bridal dresses will benefit from simple makeup with a delicate rosy or berry hue.
Consider the painting at the top of this blog post as the ideal template for a simple mermaid gown’s hair and makeup…you may want to add a laurel of flowers or a beautiful sheer veil to your natural-looking tresses…keep the look delicate and feminine for the best effect…
Here are some exciting mermaid-style wedding dresses you’ll love!
More Gorgeous Fishtail Designs…
bridal dress
Sweeping and glamorous, fishtail wedding dresses in Toronto guarantee that you will make a splash as you walk down the aisle. This gown looks lovely in motion, lending grace and delicacy to your movements…
These sorts of gowns are very fitted, and they require a certain confidence level; however, you’ll be pleased to know that this style looks fabulous on curvier bodies, as well as traditional and balanced hourglass figures.
Lush feminine curves will shine when they are encased in silk, satin or lace that shows them off to perfection. Only the leanest builds will probably not be flattered by this style, unless there is significant bustier fitting in the bodice to create the right proportions.
Lean Canadian brides will be perfect candidates for traditional strapless princess-style wedding dresses Mississauga that flatter their small waistlines and pretty arms…
Magical Beauty…
wedding dress
Beautiful embellishments add tons of visual impact to the gorgeous mermaid-style gown shown above. This stunning design really captures the magical appeal of this type of fairy-tale wedding dress look.
Accessories can be minimal, as the lines of the dress really require little adornment. However, some metallic, strappy sandals or delicate satin pumps are a must. Drop earrings, beautiful gemstone necklaces and Feri jewellry will all add more ethereal beauty to the look – consider pearls, emeralds or aquamarines for a truly ocean-inspired effect!
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How To Be A Beautiful Autumn Bride

wedding dress
Cool-weather weddings have their own particular charm…for example, the stunning landscapes and the emotions evoked by the beauty of autumn can create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic fall wedding.
If you’re considering tying the knot this autumn, there are some things you should know about wedding decor ideas, wedding dresses, and bridal dress accessories. With our expert guidance, you can look your most beautiful, while also organizing autumn nuptials that fulfill all of your dreams and desires.
Now that the warm days of summer are gone, use the bonfire beauty and turning leaves of autumn to your advantage…get creative to be a truly stunning autumn bride!
Tips For Autumn Brides-To-Be
 bridal dress
To create the right look for autumn, cover up a little bit by choosing dresses for wedding with matching jackets, such as the gorgeous, fitted combination shown above. Another option is adding a lace shawl, faux-fur cape, or long, dramatic veil to a ballgown-style bridal dress, such as the one displayed at the very top of this blog post.
wedding jacket
Covering up adds appropriate elegance that is just right for an autumn wedding, and you’ll stay warm and comfortable throughout the proceedings. Wedding photos taken outdoors will look perfect when you don a little jacket or shawl that covers your shoulders.
Bridesmaid wedding dresses should probably have sleeves, or be worn with little fitted cardigans. Take advantage of the cozy spirit of fall to style your wedding outfits, from your groom-to-be’s tuxedo, to your own wedding ensemble.
Choosing cream over pure white can also be a fine choice for many women…creamier tones work well with the natural palette of the season. However, your natural coloring is the most important variable. If you’re cool complected (pink undertones), pure white is the best choice. Warmer undertones (yellowish) will look stunning in off-white or cream.
Makeup and Hair Tips
Makeup should be elegant and not too sheer – rich cranberry-toned lips (cool complexion), or honey-pink neutrals (warm complexion) with plenty of pigment will look wonderful.
Skin should not be too tanned for a natural autumn effect. Use a dusting of peachy-pink blush (Cover Girl Rose Silk Cheekers Blush is perfect – and very, very cheap!) to cast a glow over dark or pale skin – without adding too much color.
Top your lip color with a satiny gloss for an elegant effect. Hair should be shiny, with lots of low lights, rather than bright, summery highlights. Experiment with looks before your wedding day, and take photographs of potential wedding hair and makeup in typical fall light (muted sunshine, or overcast skies) to see what works best for you.
Looks For Your Wedding Party
Exciting autumn-inspired looks for your wedding party could match this palette for cohesive style. Here’s one wonderful example of a mother of the bride dress with a rich, vibrant autumn palette:
mother of the bride dress
As you can see, burnt orange or cinnamon red aren’t the only mother of the bride dresses options that evoke the spirit of fall. Dark, rich and elegant taffesta with luxurious ruffles is also the perfect complement to an autumn-themed wedding!
For cheap bridesmaid dresses, rich brown is a wonderful look that is so refined – a dress such as the pretty sheath shown below could be accessorized with a cardigan in saffron yellow, cranberry or deep forest green for a custom effect that looks beautiful for autumn. One advantage of this lovely deep brown shade is that it’s so wearable after the wedding is over…
bridemaids dresses
We’re Here To Help
Wedding decor for autumn should feature the right tones and textures…from table linens in deep red to flowers in orange, tobacco-brown, and crimson. If you need help pulling it all together, you’re not alone. However, we’re here to help, so reach out to Best for Bride!
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