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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect lingerie for your wedding dress is about more than feeling desirable on your wedding night. You’ll also need to consider the cut of your white wedding gown. Some gowns require special undergarments that offer just the right amount of support to beautiful brides.
If you’re wondering exactly which underpinnings work best with different styles of wedding dresses, we can help. We’ve created a quick guide that will assist you in choosing lingerie that is both lovely to look at and functional:
Strapless Bridal Gowns -

wedding dress
This classic bridal gown look requires some support underneath! To make the most of this traditional silhouette, consider a smooth, long-line strapless bra with an under wire. If you’re well-endowed, you’ll need to be certain that this type of lingerie covers you up completely and gives you the support you need to feel confident as you walk down the aisle. For women with more petite bust lines, there are a variety of wonderful bras in the marketplace – some of these offer a little discreet padding to augment nature! What you choose depends on your desired silhouette at your wedding.
Best Choice – a long-line strapless bra
Plunging Necklines -
plus-size wedding gown
Sometimes, wedding dresses will feature low necklines – ones that might expose the fabric of typical bras or corsets. Finding the right style for wedding dresses with plunging necklines can be easier if you make some preparations before you go shopping for your wedding lingerie. Try on your dress and make some notes – indicate where the neckline of your dress ends and where the bra should begin. Take a digital photo of yourself in your gown and bring the camera along with you when you’re buying underwear.
Choose a few styles that might work, and then consider which one offers the most support and the most practical shape for your gown. Since you can’t return lingerie at most stores, you’ll need to get organized – or even take your gown along with you (from your bridal boutique) to try on while you shop. In general, just knowing where the gown ends (from memory or your own notes) will be an excellent way to find the right bra for you.
Best Choice - Pretty plunge bra
Backless -
bridal dress
A corset can be an excellent option for backless bridal gowns. Designed with multiple wires, bones, or special fabrics that hold you in place and give you support, a high-quality corset can streamline your figure and provide the ideal foundation for a backless dress. Backless corsets will usually have a row of strong hook and eye closures at the back of the corset – these will be level with your lower back, giving you a smooth, bare look from there on up.
Suggestions – backless bra bodysuit
Short -
short wedding gown
Today, lots of women opt for shorter design that show off their legs. For this type of bridal dress, you may want to go for traditional stockings, garters, and a special, girdle-like pair of underwear, such as Spanx. You can always pick up a flimsier pair of panties in silk or lace to wear once you’ve hit your wedding-night destination. However, even today’s support garment underwear can be surprisingly sexy and appealing. Designers have learned to combine excellent elasticity and support with pleasing cuts and embellishments.
If you’re wearing a short gown, consider your stockings, garters, and other lingerie as integral parts of your outfit – they will affect your entire look. Pale cream, white, champagne, and pale pink are popular tones for all types of wedding lingerie. In general, flesh or nude-toned pieces will always work well, as long as they are opaque. Avoid any wedding lingerie that is see-through, in case of a wardrobe malfunction. If you’re aren’t wearing stocking, make sure your legs are lightly tanned and moisturized. You can still wear a garter for fun, as long as it doesn’t show when you move around.
Suggestions – Spanx panties in nude
The Right Lingerie Will Help You Enjoy Your Wedding
With these tips, you’ll be able to do perfect wedding dresses justice. If you plan ahead, you can put together a set of coordinating lingerie pieces that are romantic to behold – and perfect for your own bridal dress. Look for sales on designer merchandise – go for the best quality you can afford.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Choose The Best Wedding Hairstyle

bridal gown
Deciding on a hairstyle for your wedding can be a hard decision. Every woman wants silky, beautifully-styled hair as she walks down the aisle…however, it can difficult to know whether or not you should wear your hair up or down…or half-up and half-down!
If you’re looking for a little expert guidance regarding the best wedding hairstyles, you’ll enjoy this quick guide to choosing the right look for your big day!
Consider Your Facial Shape -
Many women have their hearts set on a certain wedding hairstyle that may not actually be flattering for them. For example, women with full or round faces may not look their best in a sleek, tight chignon (this is a circular bun gathered at the back of the head or the nape of the neck).
Conversely, women with very thin faces may not be flattered by long, wild curls that seem to overpower their delicate features. Learning to work with your natural facial shape is the perfect way to narrow down your choices and flatter fashionable wedding dresses.
Round Face -
wedding dresses
Eternally youthful, the round-faced women is flattered by long layers, parted in the middle…or in a deep side part. A little volume on top, at the crown, can visually add height and length to the face. If you’re planning to wear a filmy wedding veil with your bridal dress, be sure to practice a few hairstyles with a hairdresser or friend – use the veil for each one.
Then, take some digital photos to see how you really appear to other people. In general, the fuller your face is, the more you will benefit from extra length. If your heart is set on wearing your hair up, simply allow some long, layered tendrils to drift down past your cheekbones.
Flower barrettes or sparkly rhinestone accessories could be lovely with your face shape – your facial structure is quite feminine. If you’re skipping the veil, consider a single clip or wedding flowers to add charm to a long blowout. Matching a pretty rhinestone clip to your bridal rings can be a cute way to get a coordinated effect.
Square Face -
wedding dress
Your strong features will look gorgeous when you incorporate lots of volume into your wedding hairstyle. This type of face looks lovely with an up-do – your features are distinct enough to stand alone. Consider a sleek style with a little more looseness up at the top – modern and stylish, this type of wedding hairstyle is smooth near the head, and messier and more deconstructed where the hair is gathered.
You could also add curled sections or braids to the back of the bun for more style. A decorative headband that is placed about an inch above your hairlines can be a stunning look – opt for a satin design or a jeweled band – then, have the stylist tease the hair behind the headband for 1960′s style, Ann Margret-inspired glamor. Go for hourglass-shaped bridal dresses to accent this hairstyle.
Oval Face -
bridal dresses
Your classic oval face leaves you all sorts of options for the perfect hairstyle to go with your white wedding dress. Since you have so many options, you should look for other clues to find the right up-do or blowout for you.
If you’re small and slender, you may look best in a short cut that doesn’t overpower your features. Halle Berry has an oval face and often goes for a short, pixie-ish cut that puts the focus on her eyes and cheekbones.
If your build is larger, consider a layered, chin-length cut, perhaps with wispy bangs to add visual impact. You’ll look lovely if you pull half of your hair up at the crown, and then fasten your veil into place. Your bangs will soften your features (since they aren’t pinned back) and the long bottom section of your hair will still hang free, which is very feminine. This classic bridal look will be a great option for anyone with an oval face. If you don’t have bangs, simply gather all of your hair up at the crown, letting the bottom sections hang free.
Find The Right Gown For Your Dream Look
When you put the perfect elements together, your wedding day ensemble will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a fairytale! You’ll need an unforgettable wedding gown, the right wedding accessories, and ideal hair and makeup. If you’re shopping in Ontario, be sure to look for the best bridal shops in Toronto.
Browsing an online wedding store can be a wonderful way to explore options and get prepared for the most romantic day of your life!

How To Save Money While Planning Your Wedding

wedding dresses
Most brides and grooms-to-be must consider their wedding budgets when they plan their nuptials. Weddings can get very expensive, and it’s a rare couple that doesn’t have to worry about the cost of catering, alcohol, music, renting a venue, etc. For many brides, one of the most important parts of wedding planning is choosing the right bridal gown. In most cases, this white wedding dress is incredibly meaningful for the bride-to-be – therefore, it should probably not be a budget item.
In fact, brides-to-be tend to regret buying cheap wedding dresses after the ceremony and reception are finished. Of course, there are exceptions, but quality does show in wedding photos and videos. So, in general, it’s smart to save on other aspects of the wedding, so that you can enjoy getting the dress you really want. It still doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it should fulfill your fairytale dreams for your special day – you deserve to feel like a queen when you walk down the aisle.
Luckily, there are lots of ways to economize if you’re smart and organized. Planning well in advance can be key – give yourself time to comparison shop on everything from catering to wedding flowers to wedding favors – if you’re rushed and under pressure, you’ll end up buying overpriced items out of desperation. Instead, use the months before your wedding to research deals and plan your strategy.
You’ll be glad you didn’t move too fast when you consider the overall cost of your ceremony and reception. By putting some energy into finding lower-priced items and services, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding more – after all, no one wants to return from the honeymoon to be confronted with a mountain of debt. Debt creates stress, and it take a lot of romance out of the blissful newlywed state.
Here are some practical tips on saving money at your wedding:

Rent His Tux – Unless you have a lot to spend, you should consider tuxedo rental for your groom-to-be. Most men don’t really care too much about whether or not they actually own their tuxedo. If he’s not particularly obsessed with fashion, he’ll probably be glad to rent something nice and return it afterwards. You can outfit him in style when you choose to rent instead of buying. Good tuxedos are actually incredibly expensive.
Make Your Own Invitations And Wedding Favours – Many women enjoy making crafts – they watch Martha Stewart and other skilled crafters and feel inspired. Today, there are ways to get a completely charming and polished result when you make wedding invites, place cards, menus, and wedding favours yourself.
Scrap booking stores will usually have everything you need to do the job yourself. You can use stencils, pretty colored card paper, and stick-on embellishments, such as tiny “crystals”, to make your work look really special. If you’re seriously into crafting, consider investing in a die cast personal cutting machine, such as a Cricut. This type of computerized device can be loaded with cartridges that include pretty borders, letters, hearts, flowers, or whatever you can dream up! Then, you just feed in the paper and the machine creates perfect cutouts.
Choosing a cartridge with a wedding theme can be a great way to make your own decorations, wedding invitations and wedding favours, If you really like making crafts, a machine like this will pay for itself in terms of the pleasure it brings you through the years. It can definitely save you money as you prepare for your wedding.

Keep Things A Little Less Formal –

in general, the more formal and elaborate a wedding is, the more it will cost to plan it and to carry out that plan. By loosening up your wedding ceremony (or perhaps your reception) and keeping it more casual, you can be more creative with cost-saving techniques.
Food will be a huge expense at your wedding, so consider sharing some of the work with your caterer – perhaps the caterer could provide entrees, and you could prepare side dishes, salads, and other foodstuffs yourself. If you’re planning something fun like a beach wedding, consider outdoor grilling and buy great cuts of meat wholesale. Then, hire a cook or chef to take care of things while you celebrate. Look for recipes that are glamorous and high-impact, but don’t contain pricey ingredients. Be a frugal gourmet to save money as you feed your guests.

Brides-to-be who follow these smart tips and use their ingenuity to plan a cheaper wedding can reward themselves by choosing the wedding dresses they’ve always dreamed of wearing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Style Tips For The Modern Bride

wedding dress
If you’re not the old-fashioned type who wants a traditional wedding dress and veil, you’re not alone. Many fashion-conscious brides feel uncomfortable with puffy princess gowns and sparkling tiaras.
If you’re the modern type, you may prefer to wear clean lines or riskier, couture-inspired styles on your special wedding day. These sleek, cutting-edge designs can look wonderful, since they are generally quite body-conscious – without being tight or tacky. Any women can look beautiful in modern designs – they streamline a voluptuous figure with careful tailoring, and they also give a leaner build a runway-ready silhouette…
When you’re at the bridal boutique, look for straighter styles, such as sheath dresses. Experiment with shorter gowns – they can be quite chic and they always send a modern message…
Modern style is about looking fresh and polished. You should not appear to be trying too hard to be feminine or sexy…it’s about easy elegance and confidence! To get the perfect effect, you need to find the ultimate white wedding dress, bridal rings, and other important wedding accessories.
With a modern aesthetic, nothing should be overdone…beading and embellishments are generally scaled-down and subtle…if not absent altogether. For the modern bride-to-be, minimalism and spare, arty design elements can be very appealing..and flattering. Here are some tips on creating a chic, modern vibe at your wedding:
Focus On One Detail – You can still have drama while embracing the modern aesthetic…simply choose one detail of your wedding outfit, and go for stand-out style. A simple hairband with an outsize flower attached (such as the one worn by the model at the top of the page) can add charm and whimsy to a sleek, tea-length bridal dress.
When doing your makeup and hair, it’s also good to focus on one special detail for each. For example, consider a sleek modern up-do, with some interesting style details in the back. Tiny braids woven into the bun or chignon, or a hair-wrapped low ponytail can be lovely. Your creative hair elements should not detract from your overall modern look – they should always be subtle and low-key.
When you do your makeup, focus on eyes or lips, but not both. Modern makeup artists only highlight one feature when they do realistic, wearable makeup for magazines and the runway. A wash of sheer color on the eyes, a faint flush on the cheekbones, and a soft, velvety matte-finish lipstick in a fresh color can be great ways to keep things modern.
If you want to highlight your eyes, consider a thin line of silver-blue eyeliner along the top and bottom lashes. Gwenyth Paltrow, known for her modern style, often pairs this eyeliner look with a sleek dress, flat-ironed hair, and wild shoes (her one bold detail). She generally keeps her lip color soft, using a pale pink lipstick or soft, cool pink gloss (try Chanel Glossimer in Charming). Now and then, she will take the focus off of her eyes and do a vibrant, matte red lip with a neutral eye (shadows in taupe and icy champagne work well for this).
Modern colors are often cool in tone – silver, blue-gray, white and black are always chic and minimalist. Using these colors in your eye makeup can give you a modern effect, as long as the finishes are sheer and eyeliner, mascara, etc. is expertly applied. However, so much depends on your natural coloring…for example, a redhead with a peaches-and-cream complexion will look more modern in warm tones that blend with the tones of her skin and hair…
Diamond Luxury Can Be Also Be Modern And Wearable

bridal rings
Your bridal rings should be chosen with care – you will be wearing them every day! Some women are very active, and they prefer a sleeker, flatter engagement ring/wedding band set that won’t catch on things and get in the way. The stunning piece featured above is a stellar example of a modern wedding band that still offers total luxury. Sleek links, crafted from glam 21k white gold, offer a touch of cool, industrial style, while diamond accents provide subtle, elegant shimmer.
This wearable design is meant to be treasured for a lifetime, and it will go with everything in the modern bride’s wardrobe. In general, white gold and silver are more modern than yellow gold. However, you should feel free to break the fashion rules whenever you like – it’s your wedding and you should always make choices that feel right to you!
Adding modern elements to your reception’s table settings, your wedding invitations and wedding flowers, and even your menu (think fresh and local) will be great ways to reinforce your theme on the big day. Guests will love the chic, fresh vibe!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How To Create The Perfect Guest List For Your Wedding

wedding dress
Whether you’re planning a small, intimate wedding, or a huge ceremony and reception, you’ll need to decide exactly who you should invite. This seemingly simple task can actually be quite stressful – it can be difficult to make these choices, since they may affect your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.
If you need a little help planning out your numbers, you’ll enjoy this quick guide to creating the perfect guest list for your wedding. With our expert tips, it will be easier to make decisions that feel right to you – you’ll also be better prepared to stay on schedule and on budget. Here’s are some things to think about:
Small, Medium, or Large?
bridesmaid dress

Your wedding size, the amount of people in your wedding party (bridesmaids, best man, ushers, etc.), and the number of guests you’ll invite are usually closely linked to your wedding budget. Therefore, knowing how much money you can spend on your ceremony and reception is priority one.
Today, many brides-to-be opt for smaller weddings that don’t cost a fortune – typically, as few as 15 or as many as 100 guests will be invited to watch you walk down the aisle in your white wedding dress! A medium-sized wedding will have 100+ to 300 guests, and a large wedding will have a guest list from 300+ to 500+ guests.
In order to set the right budget, you need to decide on the scale of your wedding – when you set up a budget, you should consider the cost of renting a venue, the price of catering and liquor, decor, your wedding dress, bridal rings, live musicians or a DJ, etc. You must also consider the cost of flowers, invitations, wedding favors…there are a lot of things to think about here. Sitting down and plotting things out will allow for a more accurate estimate.
If you’re working with a wedding planner, you must also think about the costs of their services…a wedding planner may actually save you money by finding affordable floral arrangements and decor, etc. Their expertise and connections can help you find deals during the planning process…
When you sit down to make a wedding budget, be generous with your estimates – it’s a rare bride-to-be who brings the whole thing in on or under budget…in other words, prepare yourself for overages and plan accordingly so you don’t run out of money. Using Excel software to make a wedding spreadsheet is a great idea – it allows you to see the big picture every time you open your document. Any good accounting software package, such as Quickbooks, may also be useful.
If you’re not software-savvy, make your own ledger in a notebook – the important thing is write down every single anticipated expense, and to regularly balance your ledger as you write checks, pay for wedding-related costs, and see what’s left to buy or rent.
Once you’ve decided on small, medium, or large, it will be easier to begin crafting a guest list.
Look At Your Relationships
Everyone will tell you that it’s your wedding, and that you should invite whomever you want to…however, life is not really that simple. You must consider your relationships, past and present, when deciding who to invite. You must consider the “political” implications of including or excluding certain people – will they be offended? Will your choices have negative consequences? If your wedding is small, it’s often easier to explain the decision to invite only close family and friends. However, some feathers may still be ruffled by your choices.
Many couples find the selection process very draining, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by going through your contacts in Outlook email, “black books”, and social networking sites. Think about who you really connect with on a regular basis – you should honor the friendships and relationships that are nurtured every day. Aside from immediate family (who should always be invited, unless there is a lot of family drama or issues at play), these close friends who make an effort to connect with you should be second on the list.
Next, think about your career – are there any colleagues, such as a boss or partner, who might be offended if they don’t receive an invitation? It’s often better to include such persons on your guest list – after all, we spend so much of our time at work, that it just makes sense to keep our work relationships as healthy as possible!
Now that you have a master list of immediate family, close friends, and colleagues, add up your numbers. Can you make your “magic” number work with your size of wedding? If you have space left over, think about inviting more distant family members…or allow guests to bring a date with them. If you’ve got too many people for your scale of wedding, you need to narrow your choices down…or plan a larger wedding.
If someone else is helping you pay for your nuptials, you should be very sensitive to their desires, as they relate to the guest list. Yes, it’s your wedding, but they are spending lots of money to make your day special! In light of this, it’s a great idea to consult with your parents or whomever is paying for wedding dresses, venue, catering, and all of the bells and whistles, before you finalize the guest list. It’s all about diplomacy and showing your gratitude.
Stand Behind Your Choices
Once you’ve carefully considered your vision for your wedding, and how it can be realized with the ideal guest list, you should be confident with your choices. In the end, you’ve done your best to think of everyone. Now, it’s time to move on to the “fun stuff”! Choosing a bridal dress, bridesmaids dresses, and wedding accessories can be much more fun than planning the guest list. Stand behind your choices, and truly enjoy the romantic special occasion that lies ahead!

How To Choose The Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

plus-size bridal gown
Your voluptuous curves will look truly beautiful when you use our tips and tricks to find perfect plus-size wedding dresses for your body. Having a selection of wonderful choices will give you more options as you plan your wedding ensemble.
We know that finding the white wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of wearing can involve lots of trial and error – if you follow our guidelines right at the start, you’ll streamline the whole process…it’s all about knowing exactly what to look for!
For today’s curvy women, finding lovely and flattering bridal gowns can be easier than ever before. Here are some simple tips you can use to look your very best:

A Deep “V” Neckline Is Classic And Flattering

wedding dress
If you’re looking for the most flattering option for your body type, and you are quite voluptuous up top, you should consider a simple, but luxurious bridal gown with a deep “V” neckline. This design element elongates your body, making it appear a little leaner and sleeker. Of course, this sort of neckline also offers a touch of feminine beauty and even a hint of sexiness.
Strapless gowns can be lovely, but try to stay open to the idea of a little more coverage. If you have your heart set on a strapless gown, there is a beautiful example of that style on this page.
However, if you’re looking for a different silhouette, a deep neckline is highly recommended.  One of the benefits of this style is that it also has sturdy straps that balance your shape and provide a little extra support. Overall, the deep “V” neckline is a tried-and-true way to look beautiful on your wedding day.

Go For Dramatic Details

wedding dress
Simplicity works well for some women – it really depends on your personality, your level of confidence in your own body, and just how formal your wedding will be. If you’re looking for more drama and high-fashion details when shopping for wedding dresses, opt for a strapless A-line bridal gown that flatters without being too conservative.
An A-Line gown will hug your body snugly until it hits the waist or the tops of the hips – then, it will flow past the lower hips and thighs. The classic A-line gown will always flatter the fuller figure – if you’re interested in a strapless design, you should go for this silhouette, rather than a mermaid or sheath shape.
Drama comes from the details – silk flowers, pleats, tulle overlays, crinolines, full skirts, crystals and beading…how far you go is entirely up to you.
The gown shown above is a wonderful balance of a classic, flattering shape and some gorgeous, designer finishing -  pleating and a detachable, asymmetrical strap add a touch of elegance that is so high-fashion!
Avoiding a voluminous veil may also be a good idea. Consider a simple tiara or headpiece in lieu of a long, filmy wedding veil – creating more volume will undermine the impact of a flattering silhouette. If you love veils, choose a very sheer fabric and keep your veil on the short side.

Lace-Up Backs Offer More Comfort And Flexibility

When you’re shopping at the bridal boutique, consider some styles that feature lace-up backs. If you’re buying online, this type of design will offer more flexibility because fit can be adjusted without actual tailoring.
Even if you’re buying your gown at a full-service shop with seamstresses on site, you’ll still enjoy knowing you can gain or lose a few pounds before the wedding and simply correct for the change in weight by tightening or loosening the laces. As a bonus, this sort of lace-up back has a pretty, corset-like appeal – it will look quite dramatic and romantic.

Accessories, Hair And Makeup For The Curvy Woman

Your hairstyle should be something that feels comfortable for you – if you never wear your hair up, your wedding day may not be the right time to start. Look for styles that are soft and not too severe – often, curvy ladies have rounder faces and a youthful look – play this up with half-up, half-down hairstyles, or soft up-dos that still feature soft tendrils around the face.
Your veil should be scaled to your body type – keep it sleek and shoulder length to reduce volume. If you’re wearing a tiara, or flowers in your hair, try to keep these elements elegant and sophisticated. As a rule of thumb, taller women can wear larger-scale bridal rings, pendants, tiaras, headpieces, etc. If you’re petite in height and full-figured, it’s best to keep your jewelry and accessories delicate and smaller in scale.
For makeup, a bolder lipcolor can be the perfect choice. If your face is full or wide, a brighter lip will draw the eye inward, accentuating the features. Look for your favorite lipstick and find an intensified version for your wedding – you can blot to reduce the impact a little. Then, use a soft gloss or balm with a little shimmer to add sparkle and shine to your lips. Without a gloss that mimics the sheen of silk or satin, you may look too subdued.
Focus a little on your eye makeup, too – a simple line of black eyeliner on the upper lashes, along with a coat of mascara (Lancome Definicils mascara is wonderful) can elongate and open the eyes. The rest of your makeup should just be your everyday base, powder, and blush. If your eyebrows are fair, darken them a little – you’ll look more “alive” in your wedding photos – brown eyeshadow or soft pencil can be lightly applied to get the right effect.