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Monday, August 22, 2011

Black And White – Stunning Bridal Dresses With A Touch Of Contrast

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Bold, daring and graphical, bridal dresses that mix pure, lustrous white with a touch of stark contrast are guaranteed to dazzle your friends and family.
Designed to evoke the same beauty and elegance as Audrey Hepburn’s unforgettable black-and-white “race day” ensemble in My Fair Lady, black and white wedding gowns add a touch of ladylike, couture-inspired style to any woman’s wedding day look.
Accessorizing the look
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To flatter this type of bridal dress, go all out and accessorize with hats or veils that mimic the spirit of your unique black and white wedding gown.  Jewelry with jet stones, marcasite, pearls, diamonds, and onyx will be perfect for luxurious chokers or drop earrings with black and white details – you may even want to find bridal rings that highlight your gown’s stunning and original design!
Hair can be full or sleek – however, it should probably have some vintage elements (such as chignons on the nape of the neck, or up-dos designed with rollers and lots of volume at the crown). Keep makeup ultra-classic for the best results – although these gowns are graphical, their visual impact is still refined and genteel – to keep the look cohesive, use a lip color that provides contrast against your skin – shocking pink, ultraviolet, or cherry red will work well. If paler lips are desired, go for bubblegum pink, and always look for creamier, more pigmented lipsticks – this is not the time for sheer, glossy effects.
With dramatic dresses for wedding like these, extremely subtle makeup will defeat the purpose and fall flat – for example, earth tones will look a little drab. Instead of natural makeup, go for black liquid eyeliner in a cat-eye shape (on the upper lid only), plus highlighter in pure white or silver on the brow bone. Blush should be in a berry shade, blended high into the cheekbones.
Foundation should be demi-matte, and dusted with a fine-milled translucent powder. Ultimately, this look screams luxury – it’s very rich and almost decadent, and it indicates a very high taste level. Women who choose black and white evening dresses and bridal dresses are students of fashion, and they play with the traditional elements of a wedding day look, customizing them with high-fashion touches that are their alone…
Stunning Femininity…With An Edge
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 Thin sashes, such as the ribbon design shown on the ruffled white wedding dress above, are designed to cinch the waist and visually slim this part of the body. Dark colors always make things look smaller – therefore, if you want to look leaner on your wedding day, a dark sash can work wonders.
Dark necklaces also make the throat look slimmer and more delicate, as long as they aren’t too tight. To elongate the body in a two-tone wedding gown, pile your hair up, and wear sandals with heels at least three inches high.
Tips For The Canadian Bride-To-Be
Many Canadian brides-to-be search for wedding dresses in Toronto, or hunt for bridesmaid wedding dresses at online boutiques. If you’re planning your wedding, you may want to know that Best For Bride truly offers the best of both worlds. For example, we offer bridal stores in Toronto and Barrie, as well as a fully-stocked online bridal boutique that allows women anywhere in Canada (or the USA) to purchase the wedding dresses of their dreams.
Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that our team of specialists will be standing by to make your fairytale wedding dreams come true…

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ballerina Beauty For Your Wedding Day

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Recently, director Darren Aronofsky’s dramatic film, Black Swan (starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis) highlighted the glamorous, yet grueling, lives of ballerinas. The costumes created for Black Swan played up the delicate beauty of the waifish lead actresses, who appeared in embellished tutus with fitted bodices and full skirts.
While the movie was dark and disturbing, the fashions of the ballet world are anything but…in fact, these classic and romantic designs are made to enhance the beautiful lines of a woman’s body.
Beauty Tips For The Ballerina Look
To capture the essence of ballerina beauty on your wedding day, wear your hair in a pretty chignon or sleek updo, and do a dramatic eye with lots of eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.  Brows should be darkened with eyeshadow or pencil, and lips should be neutral, pale pink, or crimson (with a touch of gloss). This makeup and hair look will gel beautifully with fashionable wedding dresses that feature ballet-inspired design elements.
Cheeks should not be too flushed; foundation should always match the skin perfectly, and be finished with a dusting of translucent powder (and a touch of highlighting shimmer, high on the cheekbones and the browbone).
This elegant look is perfect for a lean build, but it can also be stunning on a curvier body, since most ballerina-inspired wedding dresses balance the body with their nipped-in waistlines and full, frothy skirts…
For Dramatic Eyes, try  Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette – Smoky
For shimmer and sparkle, apply Benefit Moonbeam highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, the browbone, and the decolletage.
To mimic Portman’s Black Swan look, choose a sheer wash of high-quality ruby lipstick, such as Guerlain’s Rouge G in Garconne.
Graceful Gowns To Consider…
Here are some lovely bridal gowns that will help you capture the spirit of ballerina beauty as you walk down the aisle…
Delicate Straps Define The Ballerina Look
bridal gown
Ballerina looks don’t have to feature endless layers of tulle – in fact, they can be quite subtle. The bridal dress shown above gets its ballerina beauty from its delicate shoulder straps, and its form-fitting lace-and-satin bodice.
Designed to highlight the beauty of a woman’s neck and shoulders, this stunning wedding dress is really the height of elegance. Comfortable, yet totally glamorous, this dress needs little extra adornment. A strong lip, a sleek hairstyle, and drop earrings will be more than enough to accessorize this feminine, graceful design…
Poetry In Motion…
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The right bridal gown will make you feel more confident - once you put in on, you’ll feel more beautiful and more alluring. The wedding dress shown above is a lovely example of ballerina style – the pretty skirt, with its careful pleating and rich, lustrous fabric, is designed to move with you.
 If you’re planning a first dance with your new groom, you’ll love the way this dress highlights your gracefulness. A sparkly headpiece will finish the look perfectly…
Frothy Perfection…
bridal gown
For daring, unforgettable style that makes you feel like a prima ballerina, shine in a frothy confection adorned with a sparkling, silvery dusting of crystals, and sheer, light-as-air layers of  snow-white chiffon. This gown is really the ultimate in decadence, and it indulges a women’s fantasies of perfect glamour on her wedding day.
To accessorize, balance the full skirt with high heels in shimmery silver, and add a choker necklace and elegant earrings. Sexy and dramatic, this white wedding dress is a fairytale come true…

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pretty Wedding Dresses For Petite Brides-to-be

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Sometimes, petite women have to work harder to find exceptional evening dresses and wedding gowns that are designed for their smaller proportions. Altering a dress designed for a taller woman may be an option, but it’s always better to find a bridal dress that is cut to fit your body, right from the very start. Luckily, today’s designers are paying attention to the needs of petite women, and creating spectacular gowns that fit their particular body type.
Petite women aren’t necessarily size 0 or size 2 – they are simply smaller in stature, and they need the right cuts and fabrics for their height. To help petite brides-to-be make the most of their beauty as they walk down the aisle, we’ve compiled some perfect wedding dresses designed just for petite brides-to-be. To accessorize these gowns, veils, headpieces, and bridal rings should also be scaled to a tinier body….
Princess-Style Gowns Highlight The Delicate Femininity Of Petite Builds…
bridal dress
You don’t need to give up all of the bells and whistles of a luxurious, princess-style wedding gown, simply because you are petite. In fact, the doll-like beauty of a feminine, petite body type can be highlighted by classic, princess-style bridal dresses.
Channel your inner Disney Princess by treating yourself to a gown like the one shown above – fitted tightly through the torso, this design nips in your waist, creating a pleasing and classic Cinderella-inspired silhouette that is so flattering to a petite build. The best petite wedding dresses (like this one) are custom-made to fit properly through the bodice and hips - they will also have the right length for your height.
wedding tiara
On your wedding day, you should have a bridal gown that is scaled to your proportions – it will hug you in all the right places, and alterations will be minimal. Treat yourself to a princess-style petite wedding gown, and accessorize with a delicate, glittery headband or headpiece that is also smaller in scale.
Glamorous Elegance Worthy Of The Hollywood Red Carpet…
bridal dress
If you’re looking for sleeker, modern style that has a touch of Hollywood glamor, you’ll love this fitted gown, with its elegant, cream-colored fabric (white is also available) and clean lines. Designed to be elegant and subtle, this gown is womanly and alluring….especially since it’s been designed to work with your own petite proportions. Fit problems won’t be an issue when you choose this matte satin stunner – and the only accessory you’ll really need is your radiant smile (and perhaps a glittery necklace, or sheer, half-length veil).
bridal veil
Finding the right veil for your look is about scale – look for sheer, filmy styles that aren’t full-length (these will overpower your petite build). The short veil shown above would be a perfect choice – it’s trimmed in gorgeous lace and embellished for a rich effect, yet it’s still very sheer and simple…
At Best For Bride, We Know How To Dress The Petite Bride-To-Be
The lovely wedding dresses shown here represent just a sampling of the choices we have in stock. If you’re searching for wedding dresses in Toronto or bridal shops in Mississauga, you’ll adore the selection of gowns you find at our bridal boutique. However, ordering over the Internet may also be a possibility for you – we’ve created an online bridal store that offers you a dizzying array of petite gowns, all of which can be ordered from the comfort of your own home.
Our caring and experienced team of specialists will be there to advise you, no matter how you decide to shop…feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about finding the perfect petite wedding dress for your special day.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Edgier Wedding Looks For Brides-To-Be

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Some brides-to-be aren’t interested in the tried-and-true…they’re looking for edgier fashion that really reflects their personal style. If you love alternative rock music, funky home décor and art, and a more offbeat sense of style, you’ll appreciate the cool new wedding dresses we’re showcasing here.
These white bridal gowns are perfect for brides-to-be who want to be themselves as they walk down the aisle; these gowns can be accessorized with strong makeup, creative hairstyles, and wild shoes!
While these bridal dress styles may not fit the traditional “princess” mold, they will be perfect for the edgier bride-to-be!
Channel Katy Perry’s Retro-Glam Look On Your Wedding Day
bridal dress
Celebs, such as pop singer Katy Perry, wear wild outfits with a “costume” vibe – in the case of Katy Perry, her personality (and persona) are strong enough to carry off tons of embellishments, body-conscious bustiers, and fabulous metallic accents.
The wedding dress shown above would be perfect for Katy Perry, who recently wed British actor/comedian Russell Brand; the silver-and-white bustier design elements on this high-style bridal dress are certainly not for the meek or tame! Gowns like these are meant for confident women, who naturally give off bubbly, playful energy; at the same time, they are very seductive frocks that look amazing in wedding photos…
If you love to be the center of attention, and to push the envelope with edgy style that has a distinct vintage feel, you’ll adore this form-fitting, glamorous bridal gown design.
This gown plays up curves, by drawing the eye to the decollétage and throat – it also lights up an already-radiant bride-to-be’s complexion with tons of sparkly, shimmering appliqués.
To get the Katy Perry look on your wedding day, choose crimson lipstick (Loreal’s Drumbeat Red is an elegant, true red) or fuschia lipcolor, and play up the eyes with black liquid eyeliner along the top lashes. For a playful retro hairstyle look, add a headband with a bow, or a glam barrette embellished with rhinestones or other faux-gemstones…
Display Alternative Elegance With A Unique New Wedding Dress Silhouette
wedding gown
Show off an edgy new type of wedding day look by embracing cutting-edge design that veers off the beaten path…the gown shown above is romantic, yet unusual, and it really suits that type of girl who’d rather wear Doc Martens than Manolo Blahniks. If you’re interested in flattering your figure and wearing traditional white, while also reflecting your own unique sense of style, this could be the bridal dress you’ve been waiting for. When you’re shopping for dresses for wedding, always consider edgier styles that feel really embrace your aesthetic.
This gown shows the shoulders, and features exquisite tailoring through the midriff; a straight satin skirt flows past the thighs, then erupts into romantic waves of filmy tulle, trimmed in pure white, scalloped lace. Ideal for a leaner, more boyish build, this gown adds curves while still retaining a sleek, elegant, and postmodern look. Accessories should be kept minimal – a strong hairstyle and ethereal makeup (such as smokey gray and silver eyeshadows, and peaches-and-cream blush) will be all you need to rock this edgy look.
Edgy Can Be Elegant When You Know How To Accessorize The Look

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Do you love the classic looks sported by fashion icons, such as the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or the notorious Duchess of Windsor? If you do, you’re not alone – many women long for a touch of this clean, elegant glamour in their own wedding dresses. These fashion icons were very unique during their lifetimes – instead of copying others, they made their own style, simply by choosing fashions that flattered their strong facial features and body types.
You can get the same timeless elegance, with a touch of edgy sexiness, by choosing the wedding gown shown above. It is literally sheer elegance, and it’s devastatingly beautiful! Accessorize this amazing gown and sheer jacket with a wavy bob, and elegant jewelry, such as long, beaded necklaces or ropes of pearls. Add a little hat with a veil if you’re feeling daring. Shoes should be elegant as well – if you’re tall, wear satin flats; for petite brides, satin high heels with very little embellishment will be perfect.
If you’re looking for wedding dresses in Toronto, visit Best For Bride’s store to get this exceptional gown – you can also order any of our dresses from our online bridal store.