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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Look Beautiful in Wedding Photographs

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Your wedding day is your day to shine…and your wedding photographs should capture your radiance, joy and beauty to perfection. However, now and then, women find themselved disappointed with their wedding pictures, which just don’t seem to flatter as they should. Often, “bad” wedding pictures are the result of improper makeup techniques, the wrong angles, and non-professional photography.
By knowing what to avoid, you’ll have more control over the final product. Whether you’re using a professional photographer (this is recommended) or relying on friends and family to commemorate your special day, you will increase your chances of perfect wedding photographs by following these helpful guidelines…
Know Your Best Angles
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Every woman, whether she is voluptuous and Rubenesque or delicate and waifish, will have certain angles that are naturally flattering to her unique natural beauty. To find out your best angles, go through old pictures and select the shots you love and hate – then, look for the angles that do – and don’t – work for you. If you get great shots when your body is turned a certain way, or your head is tilted slightly upwards or downwards, use these poses when your wedding photographer is taking pictures.
Models and actresses always know their best angles – to get more ideas about successful angles and poses, look at red carpet photos from events like the Oscars or Golden Globes - you’ll notice that female celebs often pose carefully (one hip thrust outward, one leg forward) to ensure that their pics are ultra-flattering. Don’t be afraid to practice posing in your white wedding dress - have a friend take some preliminary snaps to test great angles. It may feel silly, but remember – at your wedding, you are the star of the show, and all eyes will be upon you. It’s perfectly ok to practice posing and whatnot as you prepare for your wedding day!
Professional Makeup Tips for Better Wedding Photos
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Experienced makeup artists know all of the tricks of the trade, and they always understand how makeup needs to be applied for the camera. Today, many makeup artists rely on high-def makeup powders and bases to get their client’s complexions looking flawless for glamour photography.
While you may not need these pricey HD cosmetics, you will need to consider the way your makeup ”reacts” with the camera’s lens. Basically, the photographer’s lights will drain you, and his or her camera flashes will wash you out – to counteract these influences, use stronger makeup that you would for everyday, or even for a night of clubbing.
You need a good-quality base foundation, lots of powder to create a smooth matte effect, and good definition of eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones, jawline, and lips. While “contour” makeup is definitely out of date, makeup designed for the camera will refine the features in a subtle way. For example, many makeup artists use a darker shade of foundation under the chin to create the illusion of a leaner jawline.
For your wedding photos, you really need a full face of makeup – it’s actually the only way to get a “Hollywood” look – that’s why Hollywood actors and actresses are consistently powdered down by makeup crews between shots. If you hate wearing makeup, consider a light application for your ceremony and reception – then, book a private sitting with your groom (and wedding party, if you like) for some proper glamour photos. At this photo shoot, get your makeup done professionally for the best effect. This way, you can avoid wearing a lot of paint on your big day, and still have a set of great wedding pics that’s you’ll always treasure.
Pale skin needs contrast – ivory complexions will look best with reddish-brown, magenta, or plum lips and cheeks. Golden complexions are warmer, and they don’t need as much contrast – they will be flattered by soft coral pinks, bronzes, and baby pinks. Again, look at celebrity makeup – what works for porcelain skinned actresses, such as January Jones and Evan Rachel Wood, will not work for gorgeous olive or dark-skinned ladies, such as J-lo and Jennifer Hudson.
Hiring a makeup artist who will instinctively know the best makeup shades, finishes and techniques for you may be a worthwhile investment. If you’d rather do your own makeup, invest in some high-quality cosmetics that are known to be popular with professional makeup artists and film crews – MAC, Smashbox, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown all produce high-end products that actually get results. If you can’t afford such expensive cosmetics, use cheaper drugstore versions, such as Cover Girl or Revlon – you may need to apply more of these products as they are often less pigmented.
Best for Bride is Here to Help

When it comes to planning a wedding, you need capable helpers who offer years of experience and skill…after all, your special day should be one of the happiest days of your life, and the buildup to your wedding should not be stressful or difficult. While choosing the right wedding makeup is important, it’s just one facet of creating the ideal wedding look; to make it all come together at your nuptials, you also need perfect wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and help with wedding invitations, wedding flowers, and more…
Our team of caring specialists are there to help you put together all of the pieces of the puzzle. When you work with Best for Bride, you’ll be treated kindly, respectfully, and fairly. Your happiness as a bride is important to us, and so is the general success of your wedding. Put yourself in our capable hands – let us show you the right plus-size wedding dresses, wedding decor ideas, and wedding cakes. Then, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy this special time in your life.
Happy Holidays From Best for Bride!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sparkle on New Year’s Eve with a Glamorous Evening Gown

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At Best for Bride, we’re well-known for our exquisite collection of snowy-white wedding dresses; however, we also offer a rainbow riot of gorgeous, glamorous evening dresses that work for any special occasion.
If you’re planning to attend a New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2012, why not make the most of your natural beauty by choosing the perfect dress in the ideal cut and color? From sleek and graphic black-and-white, to bold jewel tones that light up your complexion…we truly have it all.
Here are some wonderful choices that will ensure a joyous New Year’s Eve…
Purple Haze…
evening dresses
Simple and luxurious, the flattering lines of the plum-colored gown featured above will make the most of your curves on New Year’s Eve. This knee-length cocktail gown is the perfect backdrop for glittering necklaces, dramatic drop earrings, and chic high heels…so be sure to have fun with it - accessorize to the hilt and make a grand entrance on the night of December 31st!
Lady in Red…
eveing gown
Channel your inner goddess with this luscious, flowing scarlet number. A gorgeous halter neckline shows off your arms and throat, while a nipped-in waistline gives you the perfect hourglass silhouette. Striking and very grown-up, this dramatic red evening dress will make you feel like a queen on New Year’s Eve. This sort of dress doesn’t require a lot of accessories – however, it does require sophisticated makeup (neutral tones always look elegant with a red gown) and the perfect holiday hairstyle. Metallic high heels in a strappy sandal style will add a touch of bold style to your ensemble!
Golden Girl…
bridesmaid dress
 New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to get a little more flamboyant with your personal style. After all, women naturally gravitate towards metallic and sparkly evening dresses during the holidays. If you’re feeling daring, show off your glowing skin with a golden evening dress that really stands out. This gown is strapless, sexy, and sure to stop traffic. Accessorize with nude platform heels that make your legs look endless, and top off your New Year’s party outfit with a choker necklace that calls attention to this sizzling dress’ plunging neckline.
Not for the faint of heart, this beautiful design will add warmth to the skin – to get the perfect hair and makeup look, go for burnished bronze eye shadows, a touch of light bronzer on the forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose – then, add a neutral lip color topped with a dollop of glistening golden lip gloss. Your hair should be soft, silky, and volumized…
Runway Ready…
evening gowns
Black and white is pure chic on New Year’s! If you’re into Paris style runway style that echoes the look of Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, you’ll love this whimsical style. A pretty strapless bodice features delicate pin-tucks and an elegant bow. Designed to highlight your decolletage, this clever evening gown comes complete with a high-waisted black skirt that is so slimming. Accesorize with a tousled up-do and scarlet lips to keep the whole look stylized and graphical. Nude heels will work – so will basic black, or any subtle, antique metallic. Jewelry is really optional, but drop earrings will look fabulous, as long as they are sleek and sophisticated.
Happy Holidays from Best for Bride!
At Best for Bride, we work year-round to give you the service and professionalism you deserve. Our team of caring specialists are there to help you choose the ideal plus size wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dresses. We offer wedding gowns in every size and shape, along with a host of wedding services, which include wedding dress alterations, wedding favours, and wedding planning. At this special time of year, we want to wish all of our valued clientele happy holidays – please contact our team if you have any questions about our New Year’s Eve gowns or your own wedding needs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Brides-to-be

Christmas is coming – if you’re considering a few fun gifts you’d like Santa to bring to you, you’re not alone. While no one wants to seem greedy or too acquisitive during the holidays, it’s only natural to want presents that bring happiness and please the senses.
For brides-to-be, certain gift ideas can actually help to make wedding planning (and related stress!) easier to handle. If you’re going to be walking down the aisle in the coming months, consider asking Santa for goodies that will help you to prepare for (and enjoy) your upcoming nuptials!
If you’re not celebrating Christmas, you may still want to check out these fun gift ideas – all are viable gift options for any special occasion during the lead-up to  your own wedding day!
Cutting Machines for Paper Crafts -
Are you interested in making your own place cards, menus, and other cardboard wedding favours? If you are, a cutting machine, such as a Cricut die cast machine, will give you incredible creative “powers”. These laser-cut, die cast cutting machines allow brides-to-be to create incredible layered and artistic effects.
A series of different cartridges are available for different purposes – some fun choices for weddings might include hearts, doves, bells, wedding cakes, or initials. If you’re “crafty”, a cutting machine will undoubtedly thrill you, as it will give you results that are straight out of Martha Stewart Living.
Different types and models of cutting machines are available – from budget to super deluxe. If you’d rather leave wedding invitations and wedding planning to the experts, you might prefer our next suggestion…
Aromatherapy – We’ve all seen Bridezillas in action…these self-obsessed, stressed-out stereotypes are never ladylike, calm, or composed. To avoid the diva label as you plan your wedding, stay as cool as a cucumber with soothing aromatherapy that balances the mind, body and spirit.
Essential oil burners from the Body Shop are one great Christmas gift idea that will give you months of pleasure before you marry. Certain essential oils used in aromatherapy have different effects on the system – for example, lemon or orange energizes and stimulates. To calm your system, opt for lavender (this scent helps you to fall asleep, or just to chill out) or vanilla.
Experimenting with aromatherapy is great fun, and it’s also a wonderful way to manage stress as you prepare to walk down the aisle in your white wedding dress…
Home Fitness Equipment -
If, like many women, you often feel too tired to drag yourself to the gym before or after work, you may be a prime candidate for  home fitness equipment. If you’d rather break a sweat in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and you have the self-discipline to use treadmills, Exercycles, elliptical machines, and other equipment faithfully, you may find that in-house exercise machines have a life-changing effect on your mind and body.
Just 30 minutes of cardio exercise each day will streamline your shape (an hour is even better), and it will also help you to cope with stress. With regular hard exercise, problems are processed more easily – you just don’t “sweat” the small stuff. Do yourself a favour this Christmas – ask Santa to bring you a nice recumbent Exercycle that you can ride while you watch Food TV…by your wedding day, you’ll be in excellent shape, both mentally and physically.
The main advantage of home fitness equipment is the way it saves you the hassle of driving to the gym, parking, packing and unpacking a gym bag, waiting for free machines, showering in a communal setting, etc. However, to get the benefits, you must work out at home several times per week.
Best for Bride Is Here to Help
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There’s more to planning a wedding than staying fit and de-stressed beforehand – although both of those things help enormously. Most brides-to-be need expert guidance as they search for the prettiest wedding dresses, wedding bands, bridal rings, and wedding invitations. Luckily, our team of experienced and compassionate experts is here to help you every step of the way.
Our bricks-and-mortar bridal boutiques are located in Ontario, Canada, and they are the perfect place to find wedding dresses Toronto and bridesmaid dresses in Mississauga. For brides-to-be in other provinces (or countries!), we offer a convenient online bridal store that allows you to shop from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Contact our team today, and begin this important journey with some professional backup and advice. Happy Holidays from Best for Bride!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Child-Friendly Wedding Tips

flower girls
Every wedding is different, and some weddings are family events with lots of little ones (or older children) running around. If you’re planning a wedding, you may want to spend a little time coming up with the ideal setup for a truly child-friendly wedding.
With a little forethought and careful wedding planning, you will create an atmosphere where children feel happy, stimulated and valued…while also providing enough grown-up sophistication to make your wedding romantic and memorable.
Here are some tried-and-true tips for putting together a child-friendly wedding that appeals to guests of all ages:
Keep Them Entertained
flower girl dress
Children have tons of energy, and it needs to be diverted properly, or kids may act out and cause a ruckus during your wedding ceremony. Since these minutes are so important, find a way to keep smaller children (who aren’t in your wedding party) occupied.
A clever little goodie bag stuffed with age-appropriate small toys can be an excellent idea – just opt for quiet toys that will stimulate them and keep them happily entertained until you’ve walked down the aisle and exchanged vows with your groom.
Even small and healthy snacks, such a boxes of raisins, may keep children quietly munching while you get married in peace. Your goody bag will be your first defense against the natural high spirits of your youngest guests!
If children will be in your wedding party, let them know they will receive their own goodie bags as soon as the ceremony is over, or offer them little presents beforehand to sweeten their moods. For flower girls, pretty pendants or bangle bracelets in sterling silver will be fine choices for special wedding favours. Fun hair accessories that match the color scheme of the wedding will also be great gifts, and they don’t have to cost a lot.
For boys, puzzles, miniature cars, or sports balls may be popular gift choices for goody bags; if you want to give boys something they can wear during your ceremony, consider fun, yet formal bow ties that make them feel all grown up.
Making Kids Happy at Your Reception
Most kids won’t want the sort of gourmet food you dream of for your wedding reception – children have delicate palates because their taste buds are still developing. Therefore, getting too creative with cuisine may ensure a gaggle of hungry and potentially agitated kids.
To cope, set up special kiddie tables where children can enjoy their own “child-friendly” menu – to make it fun, lay down paper tablecloths and set up plastic cups filled with crayons at each table. Of course, very young children, for whom crayons are a choke hazard, will need to stay with their Mom and Dad at the grown-up table.
Let kids draw and create while they sample food and drink that is just right for them. One example of impressive wedding food that is still fun for kids to eat is healthy chicken nuggets without any “filler” or additives – talk to your caterer about choices made from fresh ground chicken and high-quality breading – then, brainstorm some high-end dipping sauces (honey mustard, barbecue sauce, and homemade ketchup, for example). Homemade french fries baked in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt can be healthy versions of fast-food faves – and even picky kids will love them.
Pasta is also a simple (and inexpensive) way to please children – it doesn’t have to be fancy, just fresh and tasty with a healthy, homemade tomato sauce, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, and a touch of grated, good-quality cheese. Another workable idea is homemade mac-n-cheese – it’s awesome comfort food, it can be frozen and reheated, and just a couple of baking dishes full of this child-friendly staple can feed a lot of kids.
For desserts, let kids have some wedding cake, or make them a fun cupcake arrangement of “mini” wedding cakes, and then let them choose their perfect cupcake. Drinks should be healthy – avoid pop, as it will only make them more hyper. Limit sugary treats to dessert only – opt for natural fruit juices and pure bottled water.
If you have room at your reception venue, set up a playroom for kids, equipped with a TV and some popular movies on DVD. Cartoons are always a safe bet. Hiring a babysitter for the playroom area and “kid’s table” can be an extremely wise decision that barely puts a dent in your wedding budget, and all of the parents attending your wedding will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.
Best For Bride is Here to Help
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When you’re planning wedding decor ideas, wedding invitations, bridal dresses, and everything else you need to make your wedding special, you may need a little help along the way. At Best for Bride, we know how to take the pressure off of your shoulders. Our wedding planning services run the gamut…our team of caring and experienced specialists know how to find the perfect dress for your personal tastes and body type, while also offering advice on Feri jewelry bridal rings, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and wedding flowers.
For full-service wedding assistance that allows you to relax and enjoy this special time in your life, contact us today – Best for Bride is here to help…

Monday, November 14, 2011

Retro-Inspired Wedding Gowns Offer a Touch of Vintage Appeal

Getting inspired by the fashions of other decades can be fun – from the “big shoulder” silhouette of the 1980s, to the delicate embroidered and pleated frocks of the 1940s. If you’re exploring wedding style options, looking at the retro-inspired wedding gowns on this page may give you a little creative energy and help you come up with a cohesive theme – from engagement rings to wedding decor ideas  to your white wedding dress – that will make your wedding day unforgettable
Inspired by the Eighties
bridal dress
A strong shoulder is one of the most distinctive signatures of 80s-inspired fashion. 80s style icons, such as the devilish Alexis Carrington of Dynasty, (played by the raven-haired actress, Joan Collins) used the strong shoulder silhouette to look sexy and powerful.

Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington (photo by Brian Byrne, via Flikr)
This type of bridal dress look definitely needs the right hair and makeup – a lot of volume at the crown will work well for wedding hair, as it will help to balance the look, and a swipe of blush high on the cheekbones will set off the unique lines of a strong shoulder wedding gown, such as the style shown above.
If you’re a student of fashion through the decades, why not go for high-style Eighties drama as you walk down the aisle? Not for the meek, this sensational, super-glamorous look is sure to highlight your confidence, bravado, and chic. To get the Alexis Carrington look, go for defined eyes, penciled brows, and a true crimson lip, such as Loreal’s classic Drumbeat Red.
Inspired by The Fifties
wedding dresses
Fashions featuring retro details or silhouettes will evoke different emotions, depending on which decade they represent; in the case of the Fifties, innocence, candy-box prettiness, and wholesome, healthy beauty will be highlighted in classic gowns with fitted waists and full skirts. Structured bodices are very 1950s, and so are filmy tulle skirts, wide sash belts, and brocade or lace fabrics.
Floral appliques (such as those found on the gown shown above) are also so very 1950s. To highlight your pin-up charm on your wedding day, use hot rollers to build silky volume into your hair, and style your ‘do in loose, sexy waves that are still under control – Marilyn Monroe is a great style icon for this look. Lips can be cherry-red, hot pink, or bright coral – use your coloring to find the best shade. A fresh-scrubbed look with a vibrant, cheery lip color will be the perfect balance of glamour and 1950s innocence.
Forties-Inspired Elegance
wedding gowns
Delicate embroidery, feminine shoulder straps, and sleek, fitted style through the bodice are pure 1940s – pleating was also a feature on many evening dresses from that decade. The white wedding dress shown above offers many details than evoke this elegant era…the look is pure sophistication, and it needs few accessories or extra adornments.
To showcase your beauty on your wedding day, while keeping the 1940s theme in mind, go for sensual smoky eyes that are lined and shadowed in charcoal grey. The rest of your makeup should take a backseat – peachy-pink lips and cheeks will provide a neutral backdrop for sultry eye makeup. Finish your look with two coats of high-quality mascara – Lancome’s Definicils is a great choice.
Your Wedding Dress Will Set the Theme…
Once you’ve come up with a retro-inspired wedding dress, your wedding theme can reflect the charm and appeal of that decade or era. A Forties-inspired gown might inspire a romantic, luxurious wedding with elegant foods, cocktails from the 1940s, and delicate wedding favours and wedding invitations. An 80s-style celebration might be brighter and bolder, with a touch of excess and glitz that evokes the over-the-top spirit of the decade. Whatever you do – have fun with it, and enjoy your special day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage – What Happened?

Kim Kardashian – Wiki Commons Image – Attribution: © Glenn Francis,
The Internet is rife with commentary regarding the wedding (and subsequent divorce filing) of reality TV star Kim Kardashian. This sultry brunette, who rose to fame due to a “leaked” sex tape, wed NBA basketball player Kris Humphries in a lavish ceremony that Kardashian likened to a “royal wedding”. However, after only 72 days of marriage, she dissolved the union by filing for divorce, citing the usual “irreconcilable differences”.
It’s hard to avoid cynicism about this marriage, and many people are convinced that the couple’s relationship was a total sham…one that was scripted by the couple (and Kim’s writers) to create a moneymaking and publicity bonanza. Others feel that Kris became caught up in the whirlwind that is the entire Kardashian family, and that he just couldn’t take the pressure.
Kim, who is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian (who was a renowned lawyer and, for a time, a member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team) and Kris Jenner (now married to Olympic great Bruce Jenner), is said to be strongly influenced by her family. Kris Humphries, who hails from Minnesota, came from a less-glamorous, more down-to-earth background…in the eyes of some, these two were just too different to make things work…
This couple may have been destined for divorce, but they certainly weren’t destined for the poorhouse. Kim, who accepted free loot galore while planning her wedding, managed to offset all sorts of nuptial expenses, including her snow-white Vera Wang bridal dress. Flowers, food, and decor were given to the bride-to-be at an amazingly deep discount - or for free. In some cases, wedding-related companies may have jumped at the chance to pay Ms. Kardashian and her b-ball groom-to-be for the privilege of outfitting their wedding.
Lucrative endorsements, TV rights valued at ten million dollars, and a ton of free publicity resulted from this televised ceremony and reception…
When mulling over Kim’s (less than) three month’s of marriage, most of the media have expressed outrage and disgust; however, this same media jumps to cover stories on this woman and whatever she promotes – from lip gloss to high heels to handbags. Therefore, this marriage, which may well have been designed simply to boost TV ratings, is simply another mechanism in Kim Kardashian’s vast public relations machine.
For those who believe in Kim, and those who trusted the couple as they expressed their love for one another so often and so publicly, the quick and decisive divorce filing by Kim Kardashian seems quite crass; people ask themselves whether or not Kim and Kris will return their wedding gifts, and how the couple could justify a ten-million dollar wedding in a country beset by economic woes…
They wonder why Kim bailed so fast, and what really went on…
Whether these two were in love at all is really questionable, and it does bring up some interesting thoughts about the nature of marriage. Sometimes, it’s important to strip away all of the glitz and glamour of a planned wedding day and to consider the basic commitment being made. After all, the love and trust between a couple should be built to last. Only after that true love and friendship is rock-solid should the bride and groom-to-be plan a beautiful ceremony with gorgeous gowns and tuxedos and lovely wedding decor.
In the case of Kim and Kris, their marriage was a castle built of sand – while it looked beautiful for a time, it was (most likely) never what it appeared to be…

Honor Your Commitment with Best for Bride

If you’re ready to pledge your love for a lifetime, we’re here to help you enjoy the most beautiful wedding possible. When you work with our caring and experienced team of specialists, you can find ideal wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dresses.
We are also proud to offer full-service wedding planning, including wedding decor ideas, wedding invitations, wedding cakes, and wedding favors. We even offer a convenient online bridal store so you can order your dream dress right from your home!
At Best for Bride, we love helping couple honor their commitments to one another…contact us today to get started…

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sleek Wedding Gowns For Sophisticated Brides-to-be

bridal gown
Many brides-to-be are looking for sleeker designs that defy the “Disney princess” stereotype; if you’re not wild about voluminous skirts and frou-frou details …you’re definitely not the only one who’s looking for something different!
Plenty of women want more streamlined bridal gowns that hug the body or fall in a simple column; these dresses don’t usually feature an excess of fabric and embellishment. Luckily, there are a range of gorgeous wedding gowns that are incredibly elegant and refined – these bridal dresses are made for women who appreciate the art of understatement.
 In general, sleek gowns will look best when they are accompanied by modern hairstyles, strong makeup, and bold accessories. Examples of famous women who prefer body-conscious, refined evening dresses and bridal gowns include Emily Blunt, Evan Rachel Wood, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Emily Blunt - Wikipedia Creative Commons Image by Tabercil
Confidence is important when choosing a gown that pushes the envelope and reveals your shape; couture details and high-fashion touches require the right attitude. If you’ve got natural presence, and you’re not afraid of stylized and cutting-edge wedding dresses, you’ll probably adore the modern designs shown on this page…
Simple, But Never Plain…
wedding dress
If you want to wear the dress (rather than the dress wearing you!), a simple, flowing column style, such as the striking gown shown above, may be an ideal choice. Designed to highlight the face and hair, as well as the delicacy of a woman’s shoulders, arms, decolletage and throat, a fluid gown like this one shows ladylike confidence. A chic necklace crafted from sheer ribbon and a sparkling pin will add a touch of high-fashion whimsy to this simple and stunning frock.
Show Your Minimalist Style…
bridal dresses
A touch of pretty shimmer adds richness to this luxurious strapless wedding gown. Fitted and sleek, this lustrous satin number is incredibly sexy, without being remotely inappropriate. This gown really does underscore the value of simplicity in design; highly flattering and very low-key, it shows superior quality and beauty, without an ocean of ruffles or tulle…
Wear your hair down for added sensuality…skip the veil to put the spotlight on your flowing tresses and tailored bridal gown. Simple high heels, subtle drop earrings, and a delicate jewelled bracelet will be ideal accessories for this type of design…
Makeup Tips
To make the most of your sleek style, put the emphasis on perfect skin; a luminous complexion is the perfect complement to a sleek and stylized dress. To get the right look, use a primer, such as Smashbox Photo Finish – this sort of cosmetic smooths the skin to prepare it for foundation. A great base, such as Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth Foundation, will give the skin a beautiful glow.
Follow up with pressed powder blush that matches the undertones in your skin. For minimalist eyes, use eye shadows in neutral tones, such as cream, white, and taupe, and limit mascara to the top lashes only. A groomed eyebrow is very important – lightly pencil in your brows to define them, and then make sure they are shaped properly.
For finishing touches, add a rich and sophisticated lip color – treat yourself to a runway-ready tube of Nars Satin Lipstick in Russian Doll (an elegant burgundy).  Dust your face with translucent powder to set your foundation and blush.
Best for Bride is Here to Help
If you dream of polished sophistication, but need some help to pull the whole look together on your wedding day, we are standing by to give you the assistance you need. We’re wedding specialists, and we offer expertise in every possible area of wedding planning…from wedding favors to mother of the bride dresses, to plus size wedding dresses.
With a little help from Best for Bride, you can customize your look and find the dress you’ve always dreamed of. We even offer a convenient online bridal store so you can order right from your own home. Contact us today to find out more about our wedding decor ideas, our many bricks-and-mortar stores, and everything our experienced and caring staff members offer to brides-to-be…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Womanly Wedding Gowns For Mature Brides-to-be

Recently, 55-year old Shannon Tweed finally wed her long-time love, Gene Simmons (of the rock band, Kiss). The wedding, which was televised on Shannon and Gene’s popular reality TV show, Family Jewels, featured a lavish night-time ceremony, which was attended by a host of glittering celebs.

 At her wedding, Shannon (shown above) chose to highlight her more mature beauty with a feminine, off-the-shoulder wedding dress – one that still showed plenty of discreet cleavage!
Brides-to-be come in all shapes and sizes, and they also come in all ages.
If you’re a little older than the typical blushing bride, you may want a more womanly wedding gown that shows off your curves – without letting it all hang out. Finding an appropriate bridal dress that still makes you feel romantic and special will be easier once you know what to look for.
In general, white wedding dresses for more mature brides-to-be will feature lots of supportive design elements, and they may offer a little more coverage than wedding gowns designed mostly for younger women.
However, as Shannon Tweed proved, you need not sacrifice glamor or the “wow factor” to get the grown-up look you really want!
The idea that older women can’t be sexy and stylish is an outdated concept – after all, beauties in their forties, fifties and sixties (Helen Mirren being a shining example) are in better shape than ever before, and they deserve wedding dresses that do justice to their confidence, wisdom, and regal bearing…
Here are some ideal choices for more mature brides-to-be:
An Elegant Neckline and Tons of Drama…
wedding gown
The pretty and elegant neckline on this show-stopping gown is quite similar to Shannon Tweed’s own wedding design. The womanly draped bodice of this spectacular frock is the perfect complement to a mature figure. Below the waist, at mid-thigh level, a profusion of airy ruffles offer all of the fairytale magic you secretly crave.
As you can see, this white wedding dress offers the best of both worlds to more mature brides-to-be. For an appealing silhouette, wear supportive undergarments, such as a long-line shaper that adds sleekness to the waist, hips and thighs - this piece will hold you in place and streamline your figure.
Spanx make lots of great body-wear for special occasions. Of course, you can always choose a few spicier articles of lingerie to change into on your wedding night.
For this look, hair should be whatever you’re comfortable with – Shannon Tweed wore her blond tresses in loose, romantic curls, and she opted for a long veil. Anything goes on your wedding day – just choose a look that makes you feel most comfortable with yourself.
Makeup should be understated and feminine – rosy mauve or soft berry lips will always flatter mature women.  Dark lipstick makes the lips look thinner – however, for some women, this look still works best.
In general, look at your everyday makeup and stay pretty close to what you normally wear. By now, you’ve learned what is right for your features and coloring. However, you should always avoid glittery or shiny makeup that is filled with shimmer – this type of makeup settles in fine lines and exaggerates their appearance.
Pure Old Hollywood Glamour…
bridal dress
Lush, satiny softness and a deep-V neckline will offer more mature brides-to-be a little taste of classic Old Hollywood glamour. The screen sirens of yesteryear knew how to work it, whether they were young or old. These screen sirens, such as Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall, balanced dramatic penciled brows, strong lips, and elegantly powdered faces with luxurious full-length evening dresses that hugged their curves without being too tight.
The lovely bridal dress shown above is a traditional choice for any mature bride-to-be – it’s beautiful, sweeping hemline will make all your movements into pure poetry…
A professional blowout, followed by a few large hot rollers , can give you soft, groomed waves that recall Hollywood’s Golden Age – this look is probably better without a veil. Be sure to wear a classic lip color, such as plum-brown, reddish-brown, or dark pinkish-brown. A little brown in a lip color adds elegance – it tones things down for a refined look.
Best For Bride is Here to Help
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern-day “Glass Slippers” For Your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for a modern-day “glass slipper” to wear as you walk down the aisle, you’ll need a delicate high heel that is embellished with glittering crystals. The perfect fairytale wedding requires plenty of attention to detail, so you should plan to spend a little time choosing the right footwear for your white wedding dress.
The best wedding shoes will be unforgettable – this is not the time for sensible shoes! However, since you will need to be on your feet for hours, comfort should always factor in. Ultimately, glamour is probably most important, so do be sure to indulge yourself with a fashionable “glass slipper” style design that will evoke all of the romance of Disney’s exquisite animated film, Cinderella.
To help you choose what’s best for your special day, we’ve put together some stunning, shimmering designs that will make you feel like a princess…
Sparkly Choices For A Fairytale Effect
wedding shoes
Icy faux diamonds evoke the lustre of a true glass slipper, and they are very affordable. This feminine sandal is adorned with lush rows of intertwined rhinestones that catch the light; these high heels are designed to show off a professional pedicure to its best advantage.
If you’re planning to perform the “garter” ritual in front of your wedding party, you’ll be proud to show off your sparkling sandals while your new husband removes your silk or lace accessory!
These sandals should always be worn with bare legs (no stockings, please) – this style of wedding shoe also requires moisturized and perfectly waxed (or shaved) legs for the ideal effect. Be sure to choose a fun shade of toenail polish for your wedding day – ballet pink is a favorite with brides-to-be, but any color can work!
Our shimmering sandals are so pretty, you’ll be sure to treasure them after your wedding is over…
Ankle Straps Are Sexy And Flirty…
 wedding sandal
 Ankle straps add a sexy, flirty edge to your wedding outfit – without spoiling the fairytale fantasy. Highlight the lovely lines of your foot and lower leg with shimmering rows of clear gemstones!
Ankle strap sandals also offer a little more security as you walk down the aisle – since these types of high heels are fastened in place, they will minimize the possibility of tripping, or suffering from some other wedding-day “wardrobe malfunction” – you will have less chance of slipping out of this sandal than you would with a mule or slip-on pump…
Princess-Style Bridal Gowns Will Complete The Look
 wedding dress
Best For Bride specializes in helping brides-to-be to make their fairytale dreams come true. To get the whole Cinderella look, choose a gown with a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt. The one-shouldered bridal dress shown above is festooned with gorgeous, silken blossoms and layers and layers of filmy tulle!
Also, be sure that your bridal rings and “glass slipper” wedding shoes coordinate with your overall look. Our bridal shops in Toronto are a great place to begin your hunt for the perfect wedding dress, cheap bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes, and wedding invitations…plus everything else you need to plan your dream wedding.
We also offer a convenient online bridal store, so you can get the bridal dress you’ve always wanted, right from the comfort of your own home…

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mermaid-Inspired Beauty For Your Wedding Day

A mermaid-style, or fishtail wedding gown fits closely all along the torso and legs (to the knee or just above), and then erupts into a frothy profusion of lace, tulle, or taffeta that brings to mind a mermaid’s shimmering tail.
These sorts of gowns are carefully designed to highlight the lovely curves of a woman’s body, and they are often the perfect complement to an hourglass silhouette.
Dramatic and romantic, mermaid-inspired wedding looks are a perfect choice for women who enjoy a touch of fantasy and magic…the best mermaid-style gowns will tend to feature embellishments and appliqu├ęs that show off the lines of these perfect wedding dresses.
Hair and Makeup Tips
wedding dress
Certain makeup and hairstyles will naturally suit a fishtail wedding dress…which direction to go in should depend on how simple or ornate your fishtail gown is. For example, if the dress is sparkly or embroidered (as the gown shown above is), a more formal up-do or half-up/half-down style will work well. Makeup should be dramatic, with strong eyes and lips, or a softer palette that still has lots of shimmer and shine.
For simpler mermaid-inspired evening dresses and wedding gowns, long-rippling waves or loose, unstructured braids will look lovely. Simple bridal dresses will benefit from simple makeup with a delicate rosy or berry hue.
Consider the painting at the top of this blog post as the ideal template for a simple mermaid gown’s hair and makeup…you may want to add a laurel of flowers or a beautiful sheer veil to your natural-looking tresses…keep the look delicate and feminine for the best effect…
Here are some exciting mermaid-style wedding dresses you’ll love!
More Gorgeous Fishtail Designs…
bridal dress
Sweeping and glamorous, fishtail wedding dresses in Toronto guarantee that you will make a splash as you walk down the aisle. This gown looks lovely in motion, lending grace and delicacy to your movements…
These sorts of gowns are very fitted, and they require a certain confidence level; however, you’ll be pleased to know that this style looks fabulous on curvier bodies, as well as traditional and balanced hourglass figures.
Lush feminine curves will shine when they are encased in silk, satin or lace that shows them off to perfection. Only the leanest builds will probably not be flattered by this style, unless there is significant bustier fitting in the bodice to create the right proportions.
Lean Canadian brides will be perfect candidates for traditional strapless princess-style wedding dresses Mississauga that flatter their small waistlines and pretty arms…
Magical Beauty…
wedding dress
Beautiful embellishments add tons of visual impact to the gorgeous mermaid-style gown shown above. This stunning design really captures the magical appeal of this type of fairy-tale wedding dress look.
Accessories can be minimal, as the lines of the dress really require little adornment. However, some metallic, strappy sandals or delicate satin pumps are a must. Drop earrings, beautiful gemstone necklaces and Feri jewellry will all add more ethereal beauty to the look – consider pearls, emeralds or aquamarines for a truly ocean-inspired effect!
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How To Be A Beautiful Autumn Bride

wedding dress
Cool-weather weddings have their own particular charm…for example, the stunning landscapes and the emotions evoked by the beauty of autumn can create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic fall wedding.
If you’re considering tying the knot this autumn, there are some things you should know about wedding decor ideas, wedding dresses, and bridal dress accessories. With our expert guidance, you can look your most beautiful, while also organizing autumn nuptials that fulfill all of your dreams and desires.
Now that the warm days of summer are gone, use the bonfire beauty and turning leaves of autumn to your advantage…get creative to be a truly stunning autumn bride!
Tips For Autumn Brides-To-Be
 bridal dress
To create the right look for autumn, cover up a little bit by choosing dresses for wedding with matching jackets, such as the gorgeous, fitted combination shown above. Another option is adding a lace shawl, faux-fur cape, or long, dramatic veil to a ballgown-style bridal dress, such as the one displayed at the very top of this blog post.
wedding jacket
Covering up adds appropriate elegance that is just right for an autumn wedding, and you’ll stay warm and comfortable throughout the proceedings. Wedding photos taken outdoors will look perfect when you don a little jacket or shawl that covers your shoulders.
Bridesmaid wedding dresses should probably have sleeves, or be worn with little fitted cardigans. Take advantage of the cozy spirit of fall to style your wedding outfits, from your groom-to-be’s tuxedo, to your own wedding ensemble.
Choosing cream over pure white can also be a fine choice for many women…creamier tones work well with the natural palette of the season. However, your natural coloring is the most important variable. If you’re cool complected (pink undertones), pure white is the best choice. Warmer undertones (yellowish) will look stunning in off-white or cream.
Makeup and Hair Tips
Makeup should be elegant and not too sheer – rich cranberry-toned lips (cool complexion), or honey-pink neutrals (warm complexion) with plenty of pigment will look wonderful.
Skin should not be too tanned for a natural autumn effect. Use a dusting of peachy-pink blush (Cover Girl Rose Silk Cheekers Blush is perfect – and very, very cheap!) to cast a glow over dark or pale skin – without adding too much color.
Top your lip color with a satiny gloss for an elegant effect. Hair should be shiny, with lots of low lights, rather than bright, summery highlights. Experiment with looks before your wedding day, and take photographs of potential wedding hair and makeup in typical fall light (muted sunshine, or overcast skies) to see what works best for you.
Looks For Your Wedding Party
Exciting autumn-inspired looks for your wedding party could match this palette for cohesive style. Here’s one wonderful example of a mother of the bride dress with a rich, vibrant autumn palette:
mother of the bride dress
As you can see, burnt orange or cinnamon red aren’t the only mother of the bride dresses options that evoke the spirit of fall. Dark, rich and elegant taffesta with luxurious ruffles is also the perfect complement to an autumn-themed wedding!
For cheap bridesmaid dresses, rich brown is a wonderful look that is so refined – a dress such as the pretty sheath shown below could be accessorized with a cardigan in saffron yellow, cranberry or deep forest green for a custom effect that looks beautiful for autumn. One advantage of this lovely deep brown shade is that it’s so wearable after the wedding is over…
bridemaids dresses
We’re Here To Help
Wedding decor for autumn should feature the right tones and textures…from table linens in deep red to flowers in orange, tobacco-brown, and crimson. If you need help pulling it all together, you’re not alone. However, we’re here to help, so reach out to Best for Bride!
Our team of caring and experienced wedding specialists can help you organize almost every aspect of your autumn wedding. We are here to take the pressure off, and our services are so affordable. In fact, we even offer financing to help brides-to-be find the dresses of their dreams, and wedding decor Toronto to help our clients plan the fairy-tale weddings they’ve always imagined.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bohemian Style For Your Wedding Day…

wedding gown
“The cry of ‘Flower Power’ echoes through the land. We shall not wilt. Let a thousand flowers bloom.” – Abbie Hoffman
Keeping it natural, beautiful, and hippie-inspired is the key to adding a true bohemian vibe to your bridal gownand your entire wedding.
From maxi-dresses to floppy hats to platform sandals and up-to-here mini skirts…the 60′s offered women a wide range of fashion choices, and almost all of them had a touch of bohemian, Flower Power style…
To achieve a bohemian look inspired by the 1960′s, there are different ways to approach styling for your wedding; one approach is simplicity…natural hair, a makeup-free look (note: this does not have to mean truly makeup free…this sort of natural, barefaced look can be achieved with proper makeup that evens out the skin and adds some glow)… even bare feet or flat sandals.
The model shown above is beautifully tousled and tanned, and she captures the essence of easy bohemian beauty…nothing about her look is contrived.
However, if you like more drama, you can still amp up the glamour while using the Flower Power era for inspiration…
An outdoor wedding where good weather is expected can be the ideal venue for this look, because, at its most authentic, a Hippie-esque look always celebrates nature, spirituality, and the value of friendship and community…
Vintage 1960′s Maxi Dress – Free Usage Image
In fact, a Bohemian-inspired wedding could feature romantic Beatles tunes, laurels of wildflowers for the bride-to-be’s hair (and her bridemaids’ tresses), and retro three-piece suits (vests are a must!) for the guys….
If you’re into this sort of vintage vibe, here are some other ways to channel 1960′s Bohemian style on your wedding day…
Easy Shapes And Floral Accents…
bridal dress
Voluminous skirts just don’t work with this wedding dress aesthetic – keep it relaxed, easy to wear, and easy to accessorize with cool, 60′s-inspired details, such as long, center-parted hair, flowers, beaded necklaces, and floppy hats…with this type of look, choosing exactly the right accessories, makeup and hair is really important. Since nothing is too tight or constrictive, this look can also be so flattering for plus size wedding dresses.
Also, consider using bright colors for your wedding party’s suits and cheap bridesmaid dresses – you can even extend this to include groovy wedding invitations and wedding favours. Since you’re likely going to wear white as the bride-to-be, use a cool, slightly psychedelic color scheme for the rest of your group, and choose Flower Power accessories for your own outfit! This whole Sixties vibe can be as subtle or as campy as you wish – so have fun with it!
Woven or Lacy Details Are Perfect For A Luxurious, “Rich Hippie” Look…
bridal gown
 The type of dress shown above will be perfect with a Sixties-style floppy hat, and its lacy jacket mimics the handcrafted shawls and jackets of the hippie era – albeit in a decidedly more elegant way…
Celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss often opt for this “rich bohemian” look when they choose evening dresses for special occasions.
These dresses must be styled for an overall look – makeup should include pale lipstick, a touch of bronzer for a natural glow, and heavily lined and mascara’d eyes, for that special Sixties look.
Back in the day, British beauties who began to embrace bohemian chic (such as Beatle George Harrison’s lady, Patti Boyd, and model Jean Shrimpton) were known as “dolly birds”; with the right hair, makeup, and dress, you too can be a true “dolly bird” on your wedding day…

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How To Coordinate Wedding Party Outfits

bridal dress
To make your wedding photographs as beautiful as possible, why not coordinate your bridal dress, bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dresses?
Recently, supermodel Kate Moss wed rock musician Jamie Hince (of The Kills), and she wore an ivory, 1930′s-style Galliano couture wedding gown with metallic accents.
Kate Moss (Deon Maritz image)
Kate Moss
To coordinate her wedding party, Kate chose innocent white gowns for her bridesmaids and flower girls, along with laurels of flowers for their hair.
Although choosing white bridesmaids gowns isn’t a typical choice, it gave the wedding photos a dreamy, innocent quality.
Kate Moss wanted a decadent, Great Gatsby vibe for her nuptials, and she succeeded brilliantly…right down to her groom’s fitted, pale-blue tuxedo!
To find the right combinations for your wedding, we’ve put together some exciting wedding party ensembles that may give you some welcome wedding inspiration.
Golden Light…
bridal gown
Gold adds a touch of sunlit beauty to wedding party ensembles…from the bride’s stunning white wedding dress, to the bridesmaids evening dresses and the flower girl’s little frocks. If you love a touch of metallic glamor, coordinate your wedding party with combinations of cream, gold and white..
The stunning, show-stopping gown featured above is adorned with frothy tulle and luxurious golden embellishments and trimmings. To coordinate the wedding party look, consider mimicking Kate Moss’ palette by dressing your bridesmaids in cream-coloured cheap bridesmaid dresses…
bridesmaids dresses
Of course, the perfect finishing touch is a sweet flower girl dress in a matching metallic. If you love gold, cream and white, you might enjoy this pretty and fun flower girl choice:
Pink Ladies…
wedding dresses
A rosy glow is always flattering…for years, Old Hollywood glamor queens changed their own boudoir light bulbs from white to pink, knowing that the pink bulbs made them look fresher and younger. A little touch of pink adds feminine charm to almost any woman’s look, and this popular color can also work for a wedding party look that is picture perfect…
The gorgeous gown shown above will make you feel like a goddess – elegant draping around the torso leads to stunning layers of the palest rose-pink…perfect for any skin tone, fashionable wedding dresses like this one are meant to be treasured for a lifetime…
To dress your bridesmaids, select pretty pink dresses that blend beautifully with your own wedding gown’s palette…
evening dresses
Of course, little girls need to feel gorgeous, too, so treat them to a touch of petal-pink beauty that shows off their rosy cheeks and fresh faces…
flower girl dress
Trust Best For Bride…
Whether you’re looking for wedding decor Toronto or bridesmaid dresses in Mississauga, you’ll adore our incredible selection of wedding services, wedding dresses, Feri jewellry, and bridesmaid and flower girl gowns. We know you want superior service as you prepare for your special day, so we offer bricks-and-mortar stores staffed with a team of caring specialists, as well as a fully-stocked, ultra-convenient online bridal shop. You can trust Best for Bride to help you plan, orchestrate, and style the wedding you’ve always dreamed of…